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Section 1: Daoyin Meditation & Stretching

1,Daoyin Qi Gong

Purpose: Qi practice, training of abdominal (Diaphragm)breath

Key: Using the chest to close the arms, not arm itself; Feels like squeezing a balloon when closing arms; done by shrinking the chest, not by arm muscles; Inner vision on Dan Tian; pelvic tilt up while exhaling.

2 Rolling ball

Purpose: Modulation of Autonomic nerve system for inner organ health

Key: Always imagine you are holding a "Ball"; Relax, while stretching and twisting spinal cord

3.Crunching & Boating

Purpose: Relax and stretch thoracic spine

Key: Stretching up spine before relaxing and twisting the spine and the back

4. Shoulder rolling against neck

Purpose:Relaxing neck tension

Key: While the shoulder is rolling up, close to the neck as much as possible, rotate the spine.

5. Open and close the door(Shoulder blades)

Purpose: Stretching the spine and relaxing shoulders

Key:Stretching the shoulder blades outward and inward as much as possible

6. Spine wave

Purpose: Relax and stretching the cervical spine

Key: Keep the chin close to the neck, with the head moving up and the spine stretched

7. Spiral movement

Purpose: Relax and stretch spine, shoulder and arm.

Key: Keep the palm facing up while rotating the hand and arm

8. Walking and relaxing on air

Purpose: Relaxing and energy recharging

Key: The hands move along the trail of 8

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