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Where does the name Taiji Daoyin come from?

What makes Taiji Daoyin special?

What is the purpose of Taiji Daoyin?

About Daoyin Health Society

What is known as Qigong was actually named after the ancient term “Daoyin” which means leading the Qi or Energy flow in the body and stretching body parts to gain flexibility.  





Taiji Daoyin is a mind body practice, characterized by the integration of meditation and stretching in motion to effectively unblock the “Qi” flow and improve overall physical function beyond strengthening or relaxing muscles and tendons. All of the movements in Taiji Daoyin use centrifugal force and follow a circle or curve orbit.  


Taiji Daoyin practice includes six parts: Daoyin "Qi" Practice, Body Spiral Percussion, Daoyin Bar, Stretching in Motion, Daoyin Dancing, and Daoyin on Cushion.


美国麻州导引功社推荐的太极导引功是将医学气功和肢体运动结合的一种功法。这种肢体运动的特㸃是以意念引领肢体的伸展牵拉与运动。为了达到最佳的舒筋活血、松弛肌肉的效果。 与瑜伽的直线伸展拉筋不同,太极导引功的肢体牵拉运动多遵循螺旋、弧线方向。
太极导引包括七个部分:导引太极、医学气功、拍打功、导引舞、导引棒、垫上导引拉伸、导引术。 可以根据自身条件选择适合的部份练习.



The creation of Taiji Daoyin derives from the integration of Taiji, martial arts and medical science with the explicit purpose of overall health enhancement. All of the inner organs are physically connected and controlled by the autonomic nerves distributed from different levels of the spinal cord – one of the most important meridians in Chinese medicine. Taiji Daoyin particularly focuses on stretching and flexing the muscles related to the spine, and therefore benefits corresponding internal organs. The foundation of the motions is the abdominal breath, specifically diaphragm breathing, accompanied by inner vision guided body movement. Taiji Daoyin is not only for physical health, but also for calmness, concentration, self-control, integrity, perseverance and confidence.


太极导引功法整合了太极、武术以及医学原理中的一些精髓,具有明确的医学保健目的。该功法强调舒展脊柱, 借此改善脊髓及周边自主神经对内脏功能的调节功能。导引气功以膈肌运动带动的腹式呼吸为基础,以意念引领肢体运动,同时以肢体动作训练意念的集中。强调在疏筋活血的基础上的肌筋拉伸运动。太极导引的目的不仅是改善体质减少促进健康,也尊崇“武道”, 即正直、自信、坚持、专注、平和、谦逊。




Daoyin Health Society is a nonprofit organization. Our mission is to provide an easy and scientific education program to improve public health. We believe that health care needs the combination of tradition and modern science. We encourage people to explore natural and self-healing through Taiji Daoyin practice. All are welcome to join us!




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