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Our Team


Dr. Jing Liu

PhD, Lic. Ac., Medical Doctor in China
Founder of Taiji Daoyin
Founder of DHS

Dr. Jing Liu has been in the medical field for over 40 years.  He began to study Traditional Chinese Medicine at the age of 16 with private tutoring, and trained in several martial arts practices from a young age. After graduating from Medical School, he continued his studies to gain a Masters and PhD in Integrative Medicine, and then practiced medicine as a physician in China. He has had a clinical practice of alternative medicine in Waltham, MA since 1995. Additionally, he was a research fellow engaging in acupuncture and herbal studies in integrative medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Harvard Medical School for 17 years.  He has been dedicated to Taiji Daoyin development and class training on a strictly volunteer basis for 10 years.

Hannah Li
MS, Lic. Ac., MD in China
President of DHS

Hannah is a clinical doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. She graduated from Medical School with a major in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1993, and received a Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1996.  She trained in integrative medicine for several years in China. She has been a fellow of MGH, Harvard, and is a licensed acupuncturist.

Wendy Kang
Executive Manager
Wenzhe Ma
Annie Liu
Co-founder of DHS,
Head Coach

Annie graduated from Beijing Dance Academy, where she majored in Chinese folk dance. She started her performing career at the China National Song and Dance Ensemble. In 1988, Juanzi Liu won the prestigious Tao Li Cup Chinese folk dance award, under the guidance of Chinese folk dance choreographers Shuying Xu and Meina Jia. Starting in early childhood, Juanzi Liu has systematically studied and mastered Chinese folk dance, Chinese classical dance, and ballet. Her hobby is Chinese Tai Chi, along with its various genres. She is especially intrigued by the Tai Chi sword and Tai Chi fan. Starting in 2012, she followed Dr. Jing Liu in the study of Taiji Daoyin.

Deb Mascara
Director of Communication

Deb has been practicing Yuanji Daoyin for one year.  She appeared with Dr. Jing Liu on WCVB Boston’s Chronicle discussing alternatives to surgery for treatment of chronic back pain.  Deb received a Master of Science in Engineering Management from the Tufts University School of Engineering with a Distinguished Student Award.  Deb works as Sr. Telecommunications Analyst in Enterprise Infrastructure at Tufts University Technology Services.

Jingjing Liu
PhD, MD in China
Project Director of DHS

Dr. Liu received her Medical Doctor training in Western Medicine in China, and her PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology in the United States. She has many years of experience in medical research at Brigham and Women's Hospital and Tufts Medical Center.  Dr. Liu is currently the Project Director at Daoyin Health Society.  She monitors training and lecturing.

Hong Kang
Demonstration Lead
Helen Huang
Lic. Ac.
Elizabeth Fragala
Daoyin Program Manager

Helen graduated from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS) with a Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. Helen holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Biophysics and Biomedicine from one of the top universities in China. Helen is actively involved in research projects on integrative medicine. She trained under Dr. Jing Liu, particularly on the subjects of integrative medicine and clinical experiences.

Xuelei Wang
Assitant Coach

Demonstration team: 
Annie Liu, Zhao Liu, Yuquan Chen, Regine Carr, Jie Cai, Wendy Kang, Hong Kang, Chuan Zhang, JingJing Liu

Rigine Carr
Associate Coach
Senior Yoga Teacher
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