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Topic 2 - The Role of the Spinal Cord in Health


The purpose of Daoyin is to activate energy flow in the spine in order to promote healing. Each vertebra along the spinal cord links to the autonomic nervous system. Any problems with organs corresponds to each point along the spine. The autonomic nervous system is like a cable that connects to the organs.


For people who have severe pain, especially in the organs, gallbladder and pancreas, often morphine is not enough to take away all their pain. But acupuncture is qute effective in this case and can relieve pain and distension.


You can use a small 4lb soft wrist weight (such as Weider wrist weights, which we have found to be the most comfortable) to help alleviate spinal pain. Put the opening in the center of the spine, so you are not putting pressure directly on the spine. Wriggle back and forth, left and right, to massage the spot. Just a few minutes a day can help with pain management.


Question - Is it okay to twist the spine if you have osteoporosis?

Answer - The key is HOW you twist. Use the hip to twist. The upper body should twist with the hips so you are using muscles and warming up your muscles and your spine simultaneously. If your hips are not moving, then you will rotate just the spine and are more likely to get injured.


Spinal Nerve Distribution


C1 - C7          head, facial, mind-body connection, emotional stress

T1 - T4          Heart, lungs

T5 - T7          Liver, pancreas, stomach, gallbladder, breasts

T9 - T12        Small intestines (constipation, celiac, lower backache)

T12 - L3        Large intestines

T12 - S5       Kidney, prostate, bladder, ovaries


Percussion Points

C7 -     Bottom/base of neck (very important point)

T7 -     Upper mid-back

L2  -    Lower back behind belly button

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