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Seven Principles in Taiji Daoyin


These seven principles should be followed in the Taiji Daoyin practices


  • Abdominal breathing during action

  • Stretching in spiral or circular orbit in most actions

  • The body fully relaxed before stretching 

  • Close and open chest in turn to match the relaxing and stretching in action

  • Exhalation while stretching and inhalation before stretching

  • Leading the actions of arms and legs with shoulders and hips connecting with rotations of the spine

  • Relaxing the mind and focusing on the “body flow” in the actions



1 腹式呼吸贯穿始终

2 旋拉: 在多数动作中,沿螺旋或弧线方向拉筋

3 弛张:在拉筋之前身体尽量放松,弛张交替

4 开合:放松时松肩缩胸佝背,牵张拉筋时扩胸挺脊背

5 呼吸:拉筋时呼气,拉筋前放松吸气

6 肩胯带动臂腿运动,脊柱拔伸旋转联动肩胯

7 放松心境, 意念集中于动作的运动方向, 以求达到动作流畅似流水的意境





If we summerize the Daoyin movement in one word, that will be "Flow". It is well expressed in Chinese handwriting as shown in the following figure:









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