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 Essential Principles of medical Daoyin

Daoyin stretching and exercise follows the principles of:

1.     Abdominal breathing, expanding diaphragm while inhaling.

2.     Stretching the body while exhaling and relaxing while inhaling, particularly the spine.

3.     Spine is the center of the motions. Using the spine to lead shoulder and arm motions; and the spine spiral motions are driven by the hip.

4.     Different from the stationary stretching, Daoyin stretching is in motion and always on the orbits of circles or spirals.

5.     Movements are as gentle and calm as water flowing.

6.     Yin and Yang motions; a pair of opposite directions of motions is required to keep the physical balance.

7.     Mind and body integration through breathing and inner vision training.


1 腹式呼吸贯穿始终

2 旋拉: 在多数动作中,沿螺旋或弧线方向拉筋

3 弛张:在拉筋之前身体尽量放松,弛张交替

4 开合:放松时松肩缩胸佝背,牵张拉筋时扩胸挺脊背

5 呼吸:拉筋时呼气,拉筋前放松吸气

6 肩胯带动臂腿运动,脊柱拔伸旋转联动肩胯

7 放松心境, 意念集中于动作的运动方向, 以求达到动作流畅似流水的意境

If we summerize the Daoyin movement in one word, that will be "Flow". It is well expressed in Chinese handwriting as shown in the following figure:









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