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Class Note #1: Introduction of Yuanji Daoyin

  • Diaphram/abdominal breathing is the foundation of all Daoyin motions

  • Relaxing  body while inhaling and stretching muscle and body while exhaling

  • Stretching muscles in two opposite directions

  • Stretching motions in orbits of circle or coiling

  • Most motions and stretching emphasize the spine and spinal cord for the connection of the autonomic nerve  system with the inner organs

  • In most cases, using hip and spine to lead the motions of shoulder ,  arm, or legs

Why focus on the spine?

  • Governing (Du) Meridian :  “Keep energy flow free, keep disease away”

  • Spine Segmental innovations:  Spine - autonomic nerve system – viscera (inner organs)

  • Spinal cord nerve , joints and muscle, more than 200 disorders related to spinal cord –autonomic  nerve  dysfunction, mostly on neck and upper spine


Why pelvic tilt while exhale on standing pose?

 . Reduce the tension on low back, particularly L5-S1 joint, so reduce back pain and nerve compression on the location

. Unblock energy flow on spinal cord (Du meridian)

. More power for upper body actions                 

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