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Bridge Wellness Management Class (Sep 2017)



Mini Health Lecture: 10-15 minutes

  1. Breathing techniques

  2. Role of the spinal cord in health

  3. Prebiotics

  4. Probiotics: How to select

  5. Improving liver detox function

  6. Sulphur-containing foods and supplements

  7. Maintaining good bowel function

  8. Improving sleep quality

  9. Supplements for immune support

  10. Supplements for stress management

Daoyin “Qi” Practice

  1. Ball Holding

  2. Rooster pose

  3. Spinal wave

  4. Holding the Ball

  5. Hair comb

  6. Groin and psoas muscle stretches

  7. Shaking the Ball (Energy Wake-up Call)

Spiral Percussion

  1. 3 Spinal points

  2. Arm pit

  3. Groin area

  4. Lung and Liver

  5. Dan Tian and Kidney



  • Li 4, PC6, St36-039, Sp9-6

  • Abdominal massage

  • Spinal acupressure on mat

Daoyin Dancing

The class notes are recorded and organized by Elizabeth. Daoyin Health Society holds the copyright. No one should copy or use the notes without notifying DHS. 

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