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Topic 3 - Prebiotics


Dr. Liu has been following the topic of gut ecology (microbiome), including prebiotics, since 2004. Almost 400 people have had microbiome stool analysis through his office*. He has noticed that almost everyone with cancer has certain gut issues. Dr. Liu attended three international symposiums on the gut microbiome held by Harvard in the past few years. More and more evidence has shown that gut health relates to many disorders including autonomic and cardiovascular problems, cancer and numerous other health issues.


*(note: the test is$ 133.00 through a diagnostic lab, Dr. Liu does not receive payment, the test cost is lab costs)


People often spend a significant amount of money on supplements, yet their stool tests show no positive change. Why is this?


The environment in the gut does not allow good bacteria to survive. For example, there are infections including yeast and candida that prevent good bacteria from growing.


Prebiotics are large molecules of fiber that feed only the good bacteria and not the bad. This type of fiber will not cause your blood sugar to rise. We strongly suggest you eat these foods daily to encourage growth of good bacteria in the gut. There is on average 5 to 6 lbs of good bacteria in the gut of an adult. Some medications, such as steroids, birth control and antibiotics, can wipe out the good bacteria over time. 


The first line of defense of the immune system is a strong and healthy gut. When immune system function collapses, cancer can happen. Nutrition and a healthy diet are so important for the immune system to work.


Chart of Prebiotics - introduction


Fresh is always preferred over dried, but dried was used to ensure accurate measurement. Two vegetables that we highly recommend are raw dandelions and burdock.


Dandelion greens are wonderful for many reasons. Scientific studies have shown the anti-cancer properties of dandelions. We suggest 30 - 60g per day(2 to 3 times a week) of fresh dandelion greens. We suggest you try cooking them with burdock root. Chop and cook (no need to peel if fresh).


Q regarding pesticides in these foods

A Dandelion doesn’t usually require pesticides to grow. In China, there is a saying that, “bitter is better.” Coptis and goldenseal have the most potent antifungal and antibacterial qualities. Bugs stay away from them so pesticides are not necessary.


If you are still concerned about pesticides in these or other green leafy vegetables, soak them in in water with a couple of spoonfuls of vinegar for 30 minutes to remove more chemicals. 


In Chinese medicine, root vegetables are considered a good food for fighting cancer. While green leafy vegetables will quickly rot if left out or placed under ground, root vegetables will last a long time. 


Foods containing Prebiotics


Gum arabic                  85%*

Raw dry chicory root     65%

Raw dry artichoke         32%

Raw dry dandelion        25%

Raw dry garlic              18%

Raw dry leek                12%

Raw dry onion               9%

Raw dry asparagus        5%

Wheat bran                   5%

Banana                         1%


*percent of prebiotic in vegetable


Red seaweed (rhodophyta, Chondrus crispus)

North Atlantic seaweed is made up of 50-65% polysaccharides. The highest quality seaweed comes from Maine and Canada, perhaps because there is limited pollution in these areas. In China, seaweed is used for healing breast issues, including calcifications. 


Dr Liu suggests Nature’s Way kelp which has 600 - 800 mg iodine and is also good for functional hypothyroidism.


Gut issues may be rooted in fungal, bacterial or viral issues. Sugar feeds bad bacteria. Fungus are a very dangerous trigger of cancer.


Soaking seaweed a few hours and simmering with salmon creates a delicious and healthy soup. (Be aware that this can have a powerful laxative effect!). Seaweed is also considered a powerful anti inflammatory and is comprised of 50% polysaccharides. Kelp assists thyroid hormone receptor function. Often a doctor will check hormone levels, which will appear normal, yet the patient is still experiencing symptoms of hypothyroid function.. We consider this “functional hypothyroidism,” when the thyroid gland doesn't respond to hormones. This is a perfect scenario for kelp use - hormones will respond better when kelp is taken.


Salmon Soup w Kelp


1 to 2 lbs fresh organic salmon

Dried Kelp

Soak dried Kelp overnight . Cut into strips and add to soup. Add scallion, garlic and ginger in the soup. Simmer until salmon is cooked.

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