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Medical Daoyin
Meditation & Stretching in Motion

A new vision of Wellness, Integrating Tradition with Medical Science

Medical Daoyin is a unique form of mind-body practice, characterized by the integration of meditation and stretching in motion, founded in 2011 by Dr. Jing Liu, PhD, Lic. Ac., (取消) and a previous physician, who integrated the concepts of meditation, Taiji, and stretching with clinical medical science.

Daoyin was the ancient name of Qigong, started 1200 years ago in China, originally with the contents of meditation (Qigong) and stretching techniques in an attempt to harmonize the well-being of both the mind and the body.  

Daoyin Health Society, DHS is a non-profit organization with the mission of promoting Daoyin to the public. Over 10,000 trainees have engaged our training program. The primary observed benefits include improved flexibility and range of motion, increased energy and vitality, reduced pain (including chronic pain), improved balance and coordination, reduced stress and anxiety, and happier mood. Through the training, we expect you to gain both increased relaxation, body awareness and strength through mind-body integrative practice. Beyond self-healing, the practice of Daoyin is enjoyable and calming.

Our Mission

Daoyin Health Society is a nonprofit organization. Our mission is to provide an easy to learn and scientific education program to improve public health. We believe that health care needs the combination of medical care and self-healing knowledge and practice. Our medical Daoyin education courses will provide a good opportunity to learn something to benefit your health, which can’t be obtained from your medical prescription.

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