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Meridian Stretch Therapy

Meridian Stretch Therapy (MST)

Meridian Stretch Therapy is a branch that stems from Dao yin medical stretch and can be used by both practitioners and individuals for pain management and improving health conditions.


Meridian Stretch therapy (MST) and Meridian Stretch Exercise (MSE) are both used for pain management, and other health benefits. 

What you need to Start practicing MST

Flexible and comfortable cloths and shoes are all what you need. Minimum space and physical strength are required and no additional equiment or tools are needed. Most of the techniques are easily adaptable for those with physical challenges.

Benefit of MST

MST improves circulation, muscle flexibility and strength, prevents the tightening of muscle, increases range of motion for joints, and supports stability of the bone structure.

Therapist and Acupuncturist

Meridian Stretch therapy (MST) can be used to enhance the result of Acupuncture treatment and therapy. Only a minimum of physical force is applied to the patient. Meridian Stretch Exercise (MSE) can be taught to patients to do at home.  Continued Education credits can be given for MST and MSE classes.

History and Future of MST

MST is based on ancient exercise routines and the therapeutic manipulation of the body and muscles dating back thousands of years. It was developed with an understanding of modern anatomy, neurology and physical therapy, and gears towards helping individuals and practicioners to best achieve their health goals. It has been in clinical practice for over 30 years.

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