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The Essence of Spiral Percussion Practice


  • The Two Main Energy Stages of “Daoyin”: “He” (Relax) & “Kai” (Stretch)

“He” stage: 

You whole body should relax and sink down. Feet planted; Knees slightly bent, hips relaxed; upper body curled up and relaxed.

“Kai” stage:

Feet planted; knees and hips straightened; upper body stretched out along the spine by spiral stretching. Keep spine straight up. Chest and shoulder open up.

The Dao of “He” & “Kai” are originated from the essence of QiGong and TiChi.

The main purpose of switching between these two energy stages is to promote spinal energy flow.

This principle should be used in all Daoyin practices including Daoyin Dance


  • Relax

Before you start the practice, plant your feet on the ground and relax your body from head to toe especially your shoulders, arms, and hips; and slightly bend your knees. Your whole body should sink down with upper body curled up.


  • Swing movement

Please start gently. The swing movement starts from your feet by pushing them to the ground while straightening your legs. Then twisting of the hips leads to spine and torso twisting. The arms swing is a natural result of torso twisting.



  • The upper body movement is from hips, not from twisting your waist. If you do so, it may cause back pain or even injury.

  • The swing of your arms is caused by torso twisting, and not by lifting them. This is also true with the leg movement. Your legs are swung out to the side.

  • The last four forms are leg “swing” stretching. The swing stretching is good for balancing and strengthening the low S-I joint and hip joints.


  • Breathing

Always use abdominal breathing during Daoyin practice.

Inspiration remain 4 counts while expiration remain 6-8 counts.


  • Mind & body

Focus your mind on the percussion point while your hand knocks on your body.




  • 导引开合之道,源自气功和太极之精华, 应该贯穿于整个导引运动。整个旋极导引就有了灵魂。


  • 开始练习时要全身要放松,尤其要松肩,松臂,松胯, 微屈膝。全身松沉。


  • 力发于脚, 驱自胯, 持于脊, 展于臂

  • 旋转要用胯,不是腰, 否则腰容易受伤。

  • 臂用甩劲。胳膊自然被身体螺旋力甩起, 而不是举臂。

  • 最后四式是踢腿。 松胯,抬腿时用“甩” 的力, 犹如踢毽, 而不是上提之力。

  • 自然腹式呼吸。呼气约为吸气的两倍时间。


  • 将注意力集中在手拍打的部位。





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