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Our Journey of  Medical Daoyin

Medical Daoyin was developed through my many years of studies and practices. I was a physician of integrative medicine in China and have been in the field in China and the United States for over 40 years. I believe that meditation and exercise should be an essential part of modern medical services because many medical problems derive their roots from mind-body issues.


Why are the stretching and motion in medical Daoyin in orbits of spiral or coiling? Think of how we dry a towel soaking with water by twisting rather than pulling it; the spiral pattern of motion is the optimal way to promote the “Qi” including circulation of energy, blood and lymph systems.


I have been a volunteer in promoting medical Daoyin from the beginning. I feel very proud of my team of the Daoyin Health Society. They demonstrate amazing intelligence, hard work and great contributions to attain the goal of public health improvement. It is our great pleasure to see so many people enjoy and gain the health benefits from our training courses in the past 13 years.


Best wishes for your health and happiness,



Jing Liu, PhD, Lic. Ac.

Founder of Daoyin Health Society

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