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Taiji Daoyin 太极导引
Meditation & Stretching in Motion
A new vision of Wellness, Integrating Tradition with Medical Science

About Us

Taiji Daoyin was created and founded by Dr. Jing Liu, MD, PhD.  Modern "Qigong" is rooted in ancient practice of Daoyin that originated 1200 years ago in China, in anattempt to harmonize Qi(Chi) and tone the body.  Daoyin Health Society is a nonprofit organization founded in 2012. Our goal is to provide instruction in Taiji Daoyin, a creative meditation and stretching exercise that improves the health of the mind and body. Taiji Daoyin combines traditional meditation and modern medical science to achieve optimal health benefits and promote self-healing exercises. We hope you enjoy it!

太极导引由刘京医学博士在美国波士顿地区于2012年创立。现代气功源自1200年前导引术。导引原旨“导气令和,引体令柔”。 导引健康社是由州政府批准的非营利组织,目的在于培训和推广太极导引。我们的宗旨是为大众提供科学的锻炼方式。这套练功系列是根据尊重传统并符合现代医学的原则设计,每个动作的设计都具备特定的保健的目的。在导引功社全体教练和义工的努力下,我们的努力已经有了可喜的回报。欢迎你成为我们的新学员!

Essential Principles of Taiji Daoyin

  1. Abdominal breathing (expanding diaphragm while inhaling), like you are blowing up a balloon, and always relaxing the shoulder and upper body

  2. Body relaxed while inhaling and stretching while exhaling

  3. Always keep the spine straight

  4. Stretching the spine up while exhaling and relaxing the spine when you inhale

  5. Expanding the chest ("Open" 开) while inhaling, and relaxing the chest while exhaling (“close" 合)

  6. The stretches are mostly in a circular motion

  7. Spinal turns are driven by the hips, not waist

  8. Movements are as gentle and calm as water flowing



  1. 以意念引领的腹式呼吸,. 吸气时意念引领“气”下沉丹田,膈肌自然膨降如吹气球,以期更好的达到身心合一

  2. 呼气时身体放松,呼气时肢体拔伸

  3. 脊柱保持竖直

  4. 呼气脊柱向上拔伸,带动上肢动作

  5.  吸气时阔胸(开),呼气时胸廓自然放松(合)

  6. 拔伸运动多沿圆形或螺旋轨迹

  7. 脊柱旋转由髋而不是腰驱动

  8. 保持如流水般柔顺、宁静而自然的运动

Special thanks to the Dana Home Foundation for the financial support for Daoyin Health Teaching Program for Seniors of Lexington

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